Love Does

Love DoesIf you’re looking for a book to bring on vacation, I highly recommend Bob Goff’s Love Does.  It’s filled with short stories so it’s easy to pick it up and read a few at a time, but they’re all woven together in a seamless way that still makes it hard to put down.

I had heard so many great things about Love Does before I picked it up (Mike Fisher also read it over the Olympic break), and it’s the type of book that inspires you to get out and do something.  I first heard about Bob Goff from Don Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and it was a lot of fun to hear about his extraordinary, whimsical stories of life and love.  There were several times I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear, and while we don’t all have the money or the time to do some of the remarkable things that Bob has been able to experience, it’s a feel-good book that inspires you to live your own extraordinary life.

We all get a chance to be awesome if we want to be.  Not surprisingly, the way to do it best is by being secretly incredible.  I think Jesus wants us to write ‘Be Awesome’ on an undershirt where it won’t be seen, not on the back of a hoodie.  God loves the humble ones, and the humble ones often don’t make it as first-round draft picks for the jobs with big titles or positions.  But they always seem to be the first-round picks for God when he’s looking for someone to use in a big way.                 – Bob Goff


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