All Groan Up

I’ve been a long-time reader of Paul Angone’s blog All Groan Up, and I can’t say enough about his first book, 101 Secrets for Your Twenties (I’ve highlighted passages, marked pages, and shared his nuggets of wisdom with many people while insisting that they have to get this book!), so I was so excited when I heard that Paul had written another book, titled All Groan Up.


This time he shares more of his own story of being a college graduate and navigating his twenties, working at jobs that were quite different from how he pictured his life turning out, and trying to balance the idea of following his dreams and making a difference while also making a living.  Though the details of your story may be different, I think that everyone can connect with struggling to find their path and navigating the years of being no longer a kid but also not feeling like a fully-fledged adult.  One of Paul’s secrets in ‘101 Secrets for Your Twenties’ is that “life will never feel like it’s supposed to.”


All Groan Up was a funny, honest, and vulnerable take on “the search for self, faith, and a freaking job!”  Sharing our stories is an important way to connect, and reading this book made me feel like I’m not alone.  I’ve realized that I’m not the only person who has no idea what’s next or no concrete plan for my life.  I’m not the only person who had no answer to, “so, what do you want to do when you graduate?”  (And now people have stopped asking, but I still don’t really have a plan.)  I’m not the only person going through a quarter-life crisis.  And, I’ve realized that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that.  If you feel the same way, I know you’ll love this book too.  Paul shares some of the lessons that he’s learned through the telling of his own stories, and though this is a scary transition for many of us, I finished the book feeling hopeful and even excited about the possibilities for my life.  All Groan Up (along with 101 Secrets for Your Twenties) would be awesome gift ideas for a graduate or anyone trying to figure out what’s next.  I’m glad that I discovered it when I did!


Some of my favourite thoughts from All Groan Up:

  • Maybe our twenties are not about things going as we planned, but about how we adapt, change, and grow when they don’t.
  • Progress is not displayed in what you’ve done but in what you know now not to do.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with asking what you want to do with your life, remember that it’s a gift to even have the time and space to ask.
  • What if I walked around actually believing I have a specific purpose for my life – to bring life to the world around me in the everyday?… It’s not just about social justice; it’s about being just in my daily social sphere. You don’t join a cause; you live in one.  Every day.
  • It’s the simple things in life that are the most profound. Sometimes it takes us a long time to realize that.
  • I’m realizing more and more that life is not a linear progression for us to command and conquer. We don’t ever just fully “arrive.”


And those are just a few… like ‘101 Secrets’, there are many other important ideas that I underlined and wrote down.  There’s nothing better than that feeling when you read something and it just clicks… when it really connects with you, and you feel like you understand yourself or the world in a different way.  That’s the way that I felt while I was reading ‘All Groan Up.’


You can find out more, read the first four chapters, and pre-order the book (releasing April 21st) on!



I received this book for review but all opinions are completely my own and was under no obligation to give a positive review.


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