#001: Power Play – Go your own way

I think a lot of us feel some pressure to “be something” or follow a certain path… something that is formed through expectations (or perceived expectations) from your family, society, and even yourself.  But because we are all unique, it doesn’t make sense for us all to follow the same path, does it?

I personally struggle a lot with what I “should” be doing, and what it means to live a meaningful life.  I graduated last year from university and I’m working at a job that I enjoy, but the hours aren’t always secure and it’s not something I will be doing forever.  When I compare that to what other friends have done… gone travelling, started graduate school, med school in Australia… it’s hard not to think that my life is pretty ordinary.  But who says an “ordinary” life is meaningless?

I’ve come to realize that if I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now, I don’t need to be in a rush to get somewhere else just because this isn’t where I thought I would be.  (Although that’s something I have to keep reminding myself!)  We are all unique, and different things make different people happy.  We shouldn’t judge ourselves based on what we do for a living or how long it takes us to figure out “what we want to be when we grow up” (however long that is ;).  Just be yourself.  Learn from every experience and follow your own path.

Go your own way.

Game Plan:  Try to block out those thoughts of what you “should” be doing, and focus on what makes YOU happy.  Spend some time thinking about what you really want (not what you think you should want), and be confident in chasing YOUR dreams.


Note: This post was first published 1 year ago, but I have decided to re-post the series from the beginning.


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