#002: Power Play – The journey


The Detroit Red Wings tweeted this quote after they were eliminated by Boston in the first round of the 2014 playoffs.  Though it can be hard to see and doesn’t always make sense (the grand prize is the Cup and anything else is failure, right?), the great players (and coaches… and GMs… and refs…) take what they’ve learned into the next season and improve upon it.  The journey is what makes the reward so meaningful and satisfying.  (Which is why it will be so meaningful when the Canucks finally win the Cup!)

Too often we worry about the future or are rushing to get somewhere without taking the time to enjoy where we’re at.  Maybe you’re in school and you just want to be finished with it.  Maybe you’re single and you want to have a family.  Maybe you’re working at a lower-level job but you want to get to the next level.  Those are all things to strive for, but the experiences you have along the way are just as important.  Don’t miss out on today because you’re so focused on where you’re going.

Game Plan:  Take a break today to feel fully present in the moment and get some perspective.  I love taking walks outside, but you could also take a break by meditating, listening to music, setting aside some time to read a good book, spending quality time with family and friends…  Live in the moment and try not to worry about what the future will bring.  Whatever you’re going through will pass.  You have gotten through difficult times before, and this time is no different.


When searching for that tweet, it made me smile to see that the Red Wings posted the same thing when they were eliminated in 2013.  Does that mean they haven’t made any progress?  Nope… like us, the team keeps evolving, trying new things, developing new skills, and hopefully, enjoying the journey.


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