#009: Power Play – Time

You know that feeling when you can’t distinguish one day of the week from another and they seemed to all blend together?  It may have been because you didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, you followed the same routine, and each day seemed to flow into the next and disappear.  It’s easy to get bored with life when you’re doing the same thing every day and you don’t have any new experiences to anchor your memories.  In his book Moonwalking with Einstein, Joshua Foer spends a year learning from ‘mental athletes’ to try to improve his own memory.  Through his journey, he learns that creating new memories stretches out psychological time and lengthens our perception of our lives.  The way to get over the monotony and slow time down a little bit is to experience new things and make new memories.  It doesn’t have to be anything big or exciting – even a fun little change can help to make your day more special and memorable.

Game Plan:  Try doing something new this week to break up the monotony… can you bike or walk to work?  Try out a new restaurant?  Feed the ducks at the park?  Go to a minor league baseball game?  Actually do one of those projects you pinned on Pinterest?  Make a list of new things you would like to do, and get to it!


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