#016: Power Play – Be what you were made to be

I really like this interpretation from The Message of the verse from yesterday.  I think it’s natural that we compare ourselves to others, and it can be good to have someone to encourage us and inspire us.  But the problem comes when we start thinking that we’re not as good as someone else or that we’re lacking somehow.  We all are given different gifts, and when you’re looking at someone who seems to do something better than you, you can bet that you have something that they don’t have.  It also goes the other way –when you pridefully compare yourself with someone else, thinking that your strengths and achievements are better than theirs, you’re missing out on the great things that they have to offer.  The key is in being content with who you are, using your gifts, and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness.

Game Plan: From the list of gifts that you made yesterday, brainstorm some ways that you can (or are) using those gifts to help someone else or bring some positive energy to the world.


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