#018: Power Play – Spring Training

I read somewhere that sports are inherently optimistic because even if your team has a difficult season, there is always opportunity and hope that comes with the beginning of the next.  The greatest athletes are the ones who can move on and put their past behind them, but also learn from their mistakes.

It’s not necessarily about a clean slate, but forgiving yourself and others, bringing all of your experiences and what you’ve learned with you, and making positive change for improvement.

The perfect chance for a new beginning in sports is with the start of a new season, but you can choose to make every day a fresh start, any moment.  You can make the decision to see the upside, not the downside; possibility, not impossibility.  Hope is present in each new day.  The epigraph of R.A. Dickey’s book contains the Latin proverb, Dum spiro, spero.  Translation: While I breathe, I hope.

Game Plan: Let go of whatever is holding you back and give yourself a fresh start today.  You don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day, the beginning of the school year, or the start of training camp to make a new start.  Is there something that you’ve wanted to try but you’re afraid that ‘you’re not that kind of a person?’  Is there something you want to change, a dream you want to follow?  Don’t wait – each day is a chance for a new beginning!


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