#021: Power Play – It’s never too late

Heart and Ice Power Play - It's never too late

Sometimes you might have a day where nothing seems to be going right and you just want to go to sleep and get a fresh start the next morning.  As I’m writing this in the afternoon, it hasn’t been a bad day, but it didn’t get off to the start that I would have liked.  I slept in a little longer than I wanted to, I got caught in the black hole of the internet searching for books to read this summer, I didn’t get a chance to exercise this morning and still want to fit that in… and before I knew it, I couldn’t believe where the time went.  I felt like I had wasted the day, but it’s not even over yet!

I try to remember this quote when I’m feeling like that, because all you really need is a change in perspective.  When I was in school, 3pm felt like the end of the day, but on the weekends it’s just the middle of the afternoon.  The days feel so much shorter with fewer hours of sunlight in the winter, but there aren’t any fewer hours just because it’s dark.  You can make up your mind to forget whatever time you feel like you’ve wasted, whatever bad thing happened, whatever you didn’t get accomplished that you wanted to, and give yourself a fresh start.

Game Plan:  You don’t have to wait until tomorrow morning to begin a new day.  Make a plan to enjoy the rest of your day and do the best you can with the time you have.


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