#028: Power Play – Everything Through Him


It’s not about being invincible and never failing, but about Christ giving us the strength to endure anything.  We can’t win at everything and live a life of no failure, but we do it all with God by our side.  No matter what situation you’re in or what life throws at you, you can be content.  Even when we fail or our situation seems hopeless, God gives us hope.

Philippians 4:13

In sports, the verse is sometimes used as encouragement to win the game or defeat the opponent through God’s power.  (Though to be clear, Tim Tebow has stated that this wasn’t his intention and that he plays to glorify God, win or lose.)  It’s not about winning every game you play or succeeding at everything you do, it’s about trusting that God will be there through the good times and the bad, and that He gives you the strength to make it through.

Game Plan:  Remember that you are never alone, and you can get through anything with God’s strength.  Whether you win or lose, whether your life seems to be going along pretty smoothly or everything seems to be going wrong, you have God on your side and He’s always there to guide you.


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