#036: Power Play – Can’t Lose

Friday Night Lights is one of my favourite shows, and everyone who has watched it (and many who haven’t) know its mantra.  The players used it as a rallying call on the football field, but it became a part of their lives as well.  As Tami told Coach Taylor, he wasn’t just a football coach, but a molder of men.

Clear eyes is knowing who you are and what you believe.  It’s staying in the moment and knowing what your goal is, not letting yourself be distracted by what other people say or any obstacles in your way.  When your eyes are clear, your faith is stronger than your fear.  Full hearts is giving it everything you have, every day.  Putting everything out there, not leaving anything unfinished or without your best effort.  When you let God fill your heart with His love, there is no room for darkness.  When you put your full heart into everything and go through life with clear eyes, you do so knowing that you can’t lose.

Game Plan: Whatever you’re doing today, come at it with clear eyes and a full heart.  Whether it’s in a sport, your job, your relationships, your dream… if you have this attitude with everything you do, you can’t lose.



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