#039: Power Play – God always notices


I can live for two months on a good compliment.  – Mark Twain


Although you may not expect praise and acceptance all the time, it does feel good when you get it and it can sometimes make you question yourself or feel a little disappointed when you don’t.  Knowing that God always notices everything you do for someone else or for Him can give you peace and encouragement.  When something I do goes unnoticed or I feel like it is taken for granted, I think about this and honestly don’t have that same craving because I know that God notices and that it is ultimately Him I am serving.

Game Plan:  Although it doesn’t go unnoticed by God, it can really make someone’s day when you acknowledge them for what they do.  Let someone know that you appreciate them and say thank you.  Whether it’s your family, a coach, the bus driver, or the person at Tim Hortons who serves you coffee in the morning, everyone appreciates being appreciated.


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