#040: Power Play – Anger

Don’t give anyone that power!  Especially the one who does it intentionally.


Anger is a healthy, human emotion, as long as you don’t let it control you.  When you choose to respond with anger, you are letting that person get inside your head and giving them the instructions for pushing your buttons.

You may have your own Sean Avery, someone who likes to get under your skin and try to control your emotions, or your anger may come from situations that you judge to be unfair or that you don’t agree with.  Whatever the case, expressing or suppressing your anger in unhealthy ways will have the biggest effect on you – and sometimes that’s exactly what that person is looking for.  You have control over your own emotions – don’t let anyone convince you that they have the power.

Game Plan:  Pay attention to situations that cause you to feel anger so that you can be prepared for them.  Find ways of dealing with those feelings by taking some deep breaths, communicating in a calm and rational way, and realizing that you have power over your own emotions.


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