#041: Power Play – Character

A site never seen to conclude a regular season game: both squads line up to shake hands at the conclusion of the second to last game of the regular season, a 3-2 battle in which the home team Utica Comets won a contest over AHL Western Conference rivals Toronto Marlies that had little meaning in the standings. Tough to recall what started this gentlemanly gesture, but it’s believed two opposing friends came together to exchange some good will and it escalated into plenty of fuzzy feelings to go around.

I love Mark Moore’s book Making It In Hockey because he talks about more than practicing on-ice skills and good nutrition as important factors for succeeding in hockey, but about having the right attitude and building character as well – something that can serve you well not only in hockey, but in life.

One of my favourite pieces of advice:

Your life is filled with situations in which you must choose how to react.  You can respond to those situations either in line with good character attributes… commitment, being in control of your emotions, finding the good in a situation, cooperation, considering others, courage, perseverance, responsibility, integrity… or in the opposite way.

The way you typically respond helps define the qualities that characterize you, but it also helps develop those qualities.

Each time you react a certain way, you condition that response to become more habitual; it becomes something you automatically repeat when dealing with future situations.  And once your way of reacting becomes a habit, it defines your character.

Game Plan:  When you face a difficult situation, remember that the choice that you make both demonstrates and develops your character.  Are the choices you make in line with the person you want to be?

Photo source: TeamShred Photography


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