#046: Power Play – What can I do to make this better?

Heart and Ice Power Play - What can I do to make this betterYou never know where life will take you, which is why it’s so important to make the best of every day.  A few months ago Gino Odjick was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition and was recently told that he has just months or weeks to live.  “You don’t think when you’re 43 years old they’re going to tell you you’ve got one year to live.  It was the last thing on my mind.  There’s been a lot of soul searching… All I can do is the best I can do every day.  But there comes a point when I have to make plans to enjoy the last year and that’s where we’re at right now.” (The Province)

It’s hard to imagine being in that situation, but many of us have likely found ourselves in a situation where we ask, “Why is this happening?” or, “Why me?”  I think Gino’s words are inspirational because while there are things that are out of his control, he has chosen to focus on what is in his control.  A lot of the time we can’t change what happens to us, but we do have control over what we choose to make of it.

Game Plan:  If you’re worried or anxious about something, ask yourself if it is out of your control.  If it is, focus on ‘what can I do to make this better?’


[NOTE:  This was originally published one year ago (July 28, 2014), and Gino is still here today even though his heart will never function at full capacity.  He was able to cheer on the Canucks at Rogers Arena as they battled the Flames this year in the playoffs, and he’s even talking about hopefully taking a role in the organization because he wants to keep doing the things that he loves.  The few weeks or months he was given has now extended to three years and though he hopes to live three years beyond that, it’s not so much the timeline that matters to him, but doing everything he can with the energy he has.]


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