#053: Power Play – Your Avenger

If someone wrongs you or you feel like you have been treated unfairly, don’t seek revenge, but let God be your avenger!  God sees every time you are hurt and if you don’t waste time trying to pay back those who have hurt you, God promises to be your vindicator.  If you take matters into your own hands, God will step back and say, “You go ahead.  You don’t need my help.”  But if you choose to stay on the high road and control your emotions, He will show up and say, “All right.  Let Me go to work.” – Joel Osteen, Every Day a Friday

Whether you believe there should be fighting in hockey or not, there are times when seeking revenge through your fists is probably not the best course of action, and the best way to get it is through the final score.  In life that’s even more true.

Just like God always notices your acts of kindness, He also takes note when you have been hurt or taken advantage of.  It really helps in the process of moving on to know that He is looking out for you and will make it right.

Game Plan:  If you feel you have been treated unfairly, place it in God’s hands rather than trying to even the score on your own.  Seeking revenge won’t make things right or make you feel better about the hurt that has been done to you.  Letting it go and acknowledging that God has control means putting your trust in Him and knowing that He will make it right.


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