#060: Power Play – Make it a habit

Heart and Ice Power Play - Make it a habit

It’s hard to start doing something if you don’t have the motivation, but though that initial drive and excitement is what may get you started, it’s the habit that keeps you going.

When I wanted to start exercising regularly while in university, I started out doing just one 10-minute workout a day.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I knew that a big part of my mental hurdle was the time that it would take.  I felt like I had a lot to do in the day, and I wasn’t sure how to fit it in.  Every week day, I popped in my workout DVD and did 10 minutes of exercise in the evening.  I gradually progressed into lengthening my workouts (some days I would do 20 or 30 minutes, some I would still do 10), but it was that base of having the 10-minute a day habit that really kept me going.  No matter what, I could always make time for 10 minutes.  Four years later, I still try to do something every day to be active.  Some days it might be a more challenging hour-long workout, and some days I might feel like I need to give my muscles a rest and just do a light yoga video or go for a walk or bike ride.  I like to switch it up and keep trying different things to keep my motivation going, but the habit is what keeps me going.  Whatever it is, doing something every day has become a part of my routine because of that habit that I formed.  I use exercise as an example, but it works with any goal.  Stick with it and once it becomes a habit, it will become a part of your life.

Game Plan: When you’re trying to reach a goal, start small and break it off into small chunks to work on a little at a time.  It’s better to start slowly and build it into your routine than to do too much at once and feel overwhelmed about how you will integrate it into your life.  “Nothing is stronger than a habit.” (Ovid)


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