#064: Power Play – Be Kind

Heart and Ice Power Play - Be Kind

If you’ve come across Erik Karlsson’s tumblr blog, you’ll have seen this message before.  It’s usually a lot easier to be kind to other people, and often treat them with a lot more respect than we do ourselves.  We too often put ourselves down and criticize ourselves, sometimes even without consciously realizing it.  When I see this message, it’s a reminder to give myself a break.  Especially when you’re feeling low or having a bad day, the thoughts running through your head can be quite cruel and completely untruthful.  Instead of ‘treating others like you want to be treated’, sometimes you have to ‘treat yourself like you would treat others.’

Game Plan: It may be hard when you start doing this, but make a list of things that you truly like about yourself (and continue adding to it!), looking at that list when your mind starts to drift back to those negative thoughts.  Pay attention to your inner dialogue and ask yourself if you would talk to someone else the way that you talk to yourself.  Be kind to yourself!


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