#078: Power Play – The Unknown

Heart and Ice Power Play - Unknown

Everything that you know how to do today, everything that you feel confident about today, is something that you once had no idea how to do.  It was something that was a complete blank, it was completely unwritten.  And I think that if you were to go back and look at who you were a year ago and then you look at who you are today, the person a year ago wouldn’t believe that the person you’ve become today is possible.  – Srini Rao

Think about it – everything you know about or know how to do now is something you once had to do for the first time… your first day of school, the first time you rode a bike, the first time you wrote a test… Most of these things don’t feel scary to us anymore, but they might have been when we had never attempted them before.  Some of them we may not be so good at or are still working on, but for all of the skills that you have, there was a first time you tried them.  Remember that the next time you come across something that is unknown and maybe a little scary – it’s likely to become so natural that you don’t think twice about it, but first you have to try it for the first time.

Game Plan:  Make a list of things that you love to do now or that worked out in the end, but that you were afraid of trying when they were unknowns.  Everything you know how to do now is something that you had to try for the first time, and we often forget that we are always facing and conquering new things.


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