#085: Power Play – When

We know that we will face adversity, pain, hopelessness, and darkness… they’re just a part of life.  But when you come across adversity, know that your dreams are worth whatever challenges you face.  When you go through pain, you endure it, knowing that the pain will end and you will find peace.  When all seems lost, you fight for what matters, knowing that when you stand back and reflect on it all, you had more strength than you thought you did.  When darkness comes, you remind yourself that the sun will rise again.  We’ve been through it before and know that it’s inevitable, but don’t forget that these feelings don’t last forever.  Stand up and fight through the hard times, but also stand and appreciate the good ones

Game Plan:  Become a student of positive thought and read a positive biography to see how someone else has fought through adversity and darkness, and how positive thinking has had an impact on them.  Some suggestions: ‘Orr: My Story’ by Bobby Orr, ‘The Goal of My Life’ by Paul Henderson, ‘Through My Eyes’ by Tim Tebow, or my personal favourite, ‘Wherever I Wind Up’ by R.A. Dickey.


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