#093: Power Play – If not you

David Krejci wrote this quote on his stick during the playoffs in 2013 as a reminder that anyone can make a difference, right here and now.


If not you, then who?

Even people who accomplish great things often say that they never thought it would be them who would be in that position, but somewhere along the way they stepped up and took the opportunity.  It’s about finding confidence in yourself to do what you are capable of.  I know that I often lack that confidence and think to myself that someone could do it better, but someone has to step up.  Why not you?


If not now, then when?

All you have is this present moment.  What will you choose to do with it?  If you don’t start going after your dreams right now, when will you?  Everyone has to start somewhere, and today is the best day to start.  It’s your moment!

Game Plan:  Tape this to your mirror, your fridge, keep it in your wallet… I think we could all use this reminder to be confident in pursuing our dreams.  Don’t wait!


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