#094: Power Play – Everyone can help someone

Heart and Ice Power Play - Everyone can help someone

“Too many people wait for something to happen or for conditions to be just right, but God has given each of us a platform right where we are.” – Tim Tebow, ‘Through My Eyes’

You don’t have to go on a mission trip to another continent, work for a non-profit organization, or have a lot of money to make a difference where you are.  It can be overwhelming to see all of the devastation and unfair circumstances that people live in on the news, and we often want to help, but don’t know where to start.  Sometimes it can even give us analysis paralysis, making us feel like the small part we play probably won’t make much of a difference.  But it does!  Making a difference in one person’s life is where it all starts.  We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Game Plan:  Focus on something small that you can do to help, and you’ll find that the little things are the big things for someone else.  Volunteer at an organization where you can use your talents.  Make a donation to a charity that you feel strongly about, even if you don’t have much to give.  Stop to help someone who is having car trouble.  Create a care package for someone.  Even just smiling at someone and engaging in conversation or asking your co-worker how they’re doing can have a huge impact on their day.  Nothing is too small.


Quote source: Ronald Reagan



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