#097: Power Play – Start now

Heart and Ice Power Play - Start now

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.  – Jon Acuff

Everyone starts somewhere.  Don’t let yourself be intimidated by someone who is further along than you or if something seems to come more naturally to others.  Those people we see accomplishing their dreams often had to go through some adversity and put a lot of hard work into getting where they are.  That doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by the journey, but be inspired that you can do it too.  A lot of people have quit before they reached their dreams, and that’s the difference with winners – they didn’t quit.  If you have a goal, let those who have reached the top inspire you, not intimidate you.

Jealousy is simply a call to wake up to your own power.  Celebrate other people’s achievements, knowing that just like them, you can do great things.  – Jessica Ortner

Game Plan:  Find someone who has achieved what you want in your life, and ask them or research how they got there and what they went through along the way.  Chances are that they didn’t have it all figured out overnight either.  Let yourself be motivated by someone else’s accomplishments rather than letting them scare you from going after your own dreams.


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