#098: Power Play – Love More

I read a story of a man from Lebanon who had lost his family business in a rocket strike.  He went from owning a restaurant to having to rebuild his life, working for a microfinance company.  When asked if he was bitter and angry at the world, he simply stated: “You love more, you win”, as if it were his life’s motto.  He could have gotten angry and declared himself defeated, but instead he chose love.

There is a lot of unfairness in the world, which is especially difficult for a society that is centered around justice.  But no matter what, when you love more, you win.  You can choose to focus on the grievances, disappointments, and pain, or focus instead on laughter, joy, and love.

Game Plan:  Make a conscious choice to shift your perception from one of negativity to love.  When you let something or someone really bother you and impact your mood, you’re setting yourself up to lose because those negative emotions are hurting you.  Try to think about the positive things in your life or about everything you do have, because in the end, when you love more, you win.



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