#099: Power Play – 99

Heart and Ice Power Play - 99

How could I not choose a Gretzky quote for #99?  This was advice that Walter gave Wayne as a peewee hockey player.  At an age when the rest of the kids were chasing the puck around the ice, Wayne learned to think differently and use his creativity.  Walter himself has admitted that this obviously wouldn’t work in the NHL (everyone has their own role, and it’s not quite as simple as finding a spot and waiting for the puck), but I think it’s a lesson in thinking outside of the box.  To be creative means taking risks, and it doesn’t always work out, but as we see on the ice and have seen from Wayne Gretzky’s career, creativity and thinking differently can pay off in a big way.  Be confident in trying new things and taking risks.  The world needs creative thinkers, and everyone has creativity inside them.

Game Plan:  Don’t be afraid to try new things and go your own way.  We are all creative beings and taking risks can pay off.


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