#112: Power Play – Keep it Lit

This is your life, and it’s a short one.  Don’t let others extinguish your flame.  Try what you want to try.  Go where you want to go.  Follow your own intuition.  Dream with your eyes open until you know exactly what it looks like.  Then do at least one thing every day to make it a reality.

That fire or passion for something doesn’t have to be for your day job, and it doesn’t have to be anything adventurous, unique, or make you a lot of money.  What do you truly enjoy doing for its own sake?  What’s something that gives you that experience of ‘flow’, when you lose track of time because you’re so engrossed in what you’re doing?  Make sure you carve out time for that and keep your passion lit.

Game Plan:  Whatever that fire in your heart is for, make sure that you make time for it.  If you aren’t sure of what your ‘passion’ is, what do you like doing in your spare time?  What is it that makes you really happy?


Quote source: Mary Lou Retton


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