#119: Power Play – It Will Get Better

Michael Landsberg tweeted something a few months ago that I just can’t stop thinking about:


I find myself stuck in the same cycle.  On those days when I’m feeling really down, I forget that there are good days too, that the aching hopeless feeling in my heart doesn’t live there all the time.  Because there are good days.  Even if you don’t feel like you’re on top of the world, it will get better.  The dark cloud hanging over your head will shift, and you will see the sun again.  Don’t forget that.

Game Plan:  Change your negative thought process by creating a ‘happy list’.  Especially on those bad days, we dwell on the things that make us sad rather than focusing on what makes us happy.  Make a list, collage, or Pinterest board of things that make you happy, whether it’s a holiday that you’re planning, a quote from a movie that you love, or a picture from a really happy day.


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