#125: Power Play – Work with what you have

Heart and Ice Power Play - Work with what you have

Your place is not an accident; it is by design.


We often worry about where we should be, what we should be doing, where we should go to find our purpose.  But you can find your ‘purpose’ right here, where you are right now.  Whether you work in an office, a mall, a construction site, or at home, you can live a life of purpose in the place and situation you’re in right now.

We ourselves often place value judgments on certain jobs, lifestyles, and other material factors, but God loves you no matter where you are.  You don’t have to be leading a mission trip to a third-world country to make a difference in your own place.  The apostle Paul dedicated his life to sharing the gospel with as many people as he could, and even after he was put in prison, he saw it as his purpose to represent Jesus in that prison through the way that he lived.  You may be in a difficult place right now, or just feeling restless and bored with everyday life, but you can live a life of purpose right where you are.

Game Plan:  Think about your life in a different way… instead of thinking, “Is my job, my community, my life stage, my school making me happy?”, ask yourself how you are using or how you can use your job, your community, the activities you’re a part of, your blog, or the time you spend with other people to make a difference and be an example of God’s love.  You don’t have to be in a high position to live the purpose that God has planned for you.


Quote source: Jennie Allen, Restless



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