#126: Power Play – It all counts

When Chris Hadfield came back to earth from his third and final trip to space, a reporter asked him how he felt “now that it’s all over.”  The question bothered Chris because of its implication that space flight was the last worthwhile experience he would ever have, and from here on in, it was all downhill.  Travelling to space is undoubtedly a momentous achievement and likely an amazing experience, but just like with any other goals we reach, it is not the end.  There are still great things ahead and moments to look forward to.

In his book, ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’, Chris writes, Personally, I’d rather feel good most of the time, so to me everything counts: the small moments, the medium ones, the successes that make the papers and also the ones that no one knows about but me.”  All of those experiences, achievements, and moments should be appreciated.  If you are waiting around for those big moments, you’re going to be left feeling disappointed and bored with where you are.  There are always new adventures, projects, and skills to learn.  It’s not just those big and shiny moments that make up our lives, but the smaller ones as well.  Don’t waste those small but special moments waiting around for the big ones.

Game Plan:  Today might just feel like yet another day, but take some time to enjoy this moment right now.  Put on some music and dance it out, sing it out, craft it out, or run it out.  Practice gratitude for wherever you are right now and do something healthy and constructive to boost your mood.  Don’t take these moments for granted.


Photo source: Chris Hadfield (Twitter)


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