#133: Power Play – Endings

Heart and Ice Power Play - Endings

Endings are scary things because we don’t really know what’s coming next.  It can be uncomfortable to move into the unknown, with the grief of something ending overpowering the possibility of something new.  But endings don’t have to be emotionally wretching if you believe you did a good job and you’re prepared to let go (Chris Hadfield).  Don’t ever believe that your best days are behind you.  As Gretchen Rubin has said, each time of life has its own kind of happiness, no matter what you have been told or believe.  Instead of being sad about the end, be proud of what you have accomplished and look forward to what’s ahead.

Game Plan:  What can you do to make an ending more positive?  Remember that even if there is a big change coming in your life, there are still familiar things that will stay the same.  Though you may be leaving something great behind, there are still great things ahead.


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