#135: Power Play – It’s not who you are

Heart and Ice Power Play - It's not who you are

Take out that mental recording that keeps playing over and over in your head like a broken record.  The one that tells you you’re not smart enough, good enough, or worthy enough.  Our internal dialogue often spends a lot more time trying to convince us of what we are not than reminding us of who we are.  Adopt an identity statement that you believe.  Build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.  We are our own worst critics, but learning to manage those insecurities and play the positive recording in your head can help to build your confidence and break free of what’s holding you back.

Game Plan:  Write your own identity statement, a statement of who you are (or could be) at your best.  Affirm your strengths, and highlight your potential, including truths and affirmations.  For example, Pavel Bure used an identity statement to keep himself from overreacting to his performance on every shift: “Don’t get frustrated.  Just keep working hard.”  Make it your own, something that will help you throughout the day or when you’re feeling stressed out or frustrated.  It could be, “I am enough.  I believe in myself.” or, “I can get through everything with God’s help.  I am everything that He created me to be.”  Read this statement to yourself and repeat it often.  Believe it.


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