#136: Power Play – Be Patient

We may not be grateful for everything when there is a lot of pain and hurt in this world, but we can be grateful for every moment because it has something to teach us.  Going through pain can teach us patience, it can connect us to others, help us to be more aware and grateful for even the smallest blessings, and show us the strength that God gives us to get through anything with his help.  Going through pain is what makes us human, and it can guide us toward a better future.  You can take that pain and use it to better your life.

We tend to overestimate the toll that great pain will take on a person.  There are unimaginably painful things in this world, but people are much better at coming back from them than they think they will be.  Whether it’s something relatively small like failing an exam, a painful adjustment like going through a divorce, or even the loss of someone we love, people are able to find happiness again sooner than they think.  That doesn’t mean that it’s not hard to keep going, but there is happiness in your future.

Game Plan:  Spend some time doing something calming and soothing.  Listen to some relaxing music, have a warm drink, do some gentle stretches, take a warm bath or shower, pet an animal, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, spend some time looking at the sky, light a scented candle, put a cool cloth on your forehead, ask someone you love for a foot massage (or give yourself one)…


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