#137: Power Play – Unite

Heart and Ice Power Play - Unite

After an emotional week with the shootings in Ottawa and Quebec, the hockey world came together for Hockey Night in Canada to honour the fallen soldiers and unite the country, with the coordinated singing of the national anthem in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.  It was such a moving and beautiful tribute, and a chance for Canada to come together to mourn and begin the process of healing.  Although it can’t relieve the loss or trauma to the victims’ families, we stand and grieve together.  Not only was Canada uniting in that circle on Saturday night, but Americans, Europeans, the hockey community.  We stand together.

Echoing Stephen Harper’s speech that, “In our country, we are opponents.  But we are never enemies”, Ottawa’s PA announcer Andy Frost said, “We may battle in arenas and on ice, but tonight we stand together.”  Hockey has some big rivalries, but we also realize that there are things in life bigger than hockey.  Though teams and rivalries may divide us on the ice and in the stands, ultimately the game brings us together.

Hockey is just a game, but it can play a big part in how we respond, how we carry on, because it’s what we do.  It’s who we are.  It’s how we heal.  We play on.   – Jim Hughson

Game Plan:  Take a moment to think about and pray for the real heroes, the ones who allow us to be strong and free.  We often only think about them certain times of the year or when tragedy strikes, but they are working every single second for us and our freedom.


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