#139: Power Play – Like it’s your birthday

Heart and Ice Power Play - Like It's your birthday

Do you get that feeling on your birthday where you just wake up feeling happy and excited?  When you just wake up feeling like “this is your day!”, you feel excited to face the world, no matter what the weather’s like, or what you have to do that day.  We sometimes lose that as we grow older, seeing each birthday as another year older rather than celebrating the past year and looking forward to the next.  Wouldn’t it be great if every day was like that?  If no matter what it held, you could wake up being grateful for the day and excited for what was ahead.

Game Plan:  Treat yourself today… and do it every day!  Whether it’s scheduling a little time for yourself to read a book or watch your favourite TV show or stopping by Tim Hortons for a raspberry frozen lemonade, give yourself something to look forward to and wake up excited to conquer the day.


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