#142: Power Play – Worth

Heart and Ice Power Play - Worth

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.  – Malcolm S. Forbes


In our society, we measure worth on what you do for a living, how much money you make, the house that you live in, the car that you drive, and other material possessions.  We measure worth through achievements and prestige: the type of education you have, the awards you have won, and the value that other people place on you.  But God didn’t create this scale of worth – we did.  Your value doesn’t come from being a CEO, earning more money than you could ever spend, or winning the Stanley Cup.

Believing that your value comes from superficial factors makes you extremely vulnerable if you were to lose it.  A goalie may be posting Hall of Fame worthy numbers and seen as a huge asset on the team for several years, but what if he finds himself in a long rough patch and his team starts to fall in the standings?  This would be emotionally difficult no matter what, but what if that goalie placed all of his worth on the way that he played?  What if you placed all of your worth on the job that you had, and then you were laid off?  If you felt that your worth depended on the grades that you achieved, and you did poorly on an exam?  Your worth comes from your relationship with God, not comparing yourself to others, and not the things that you accomplish.  In our world, the wage that someone gets depends on the value we place on work.  Even though a CEO may not work any harder than a construction worker or a teacher, we tend to see more value in his job because of the amount of money that he makes.  To God, the money you make, job you have, and awards you have won don’t determine your worth – you are valuable because you are His.  You don’t have to do anything to prove your value.  To Him, you are priceless.

Game Plan:  When you’re feeling a lot of stress or you just need a break, getting outside for a five-minute walk can lift your mood and increase your energy.  It doesn’t have to be long to get the benefit, but works even better if you can be near trees or water.  Try going outside now for a few minutes, or make a plan to get outside later in the day.


Quote source: Jennie Allen, Restless


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