#147 Power Play – The Beauty of Life

Heart and Ice Power Play - The beauty of life

…Because when you look around, life is pretty amazing.  The world is filled with beauty that we get to experience every day, but we don’t usually take a moment to stop and appreciate it.  The crisp autumn air, leaves that fall from the trees in beautiful colours and then sprout again in spring, light and fluffy snowflakes coating the trees, the sunrise and sunset that each day brings, a night sky filled with stars… the things we often take for granted every day.  We all have so much to be grateful for, and there are so many simple pleasures of life in each day.

Game Plan:  Take a moment to dwell on the beauty of life – what can you do today to run with the stars?  What brings joy to your soul?  A walk along the river?  Playing the piano?  Sitting outside on your balcony to watch the sunset?  Getting out on the ice?  Enjoy the day and take notice of the beautiful things in life.


Photo source:  Guillame


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