#150: Power Play – No Regrets

A favourite catchphrase from Friday Night Lights was Tim Riggins’ “No regrets.”  No regrets can mean having no regrets about the way you have lived your life, or it can also mean taking chances and not leaving any missed opportunities.  If we have loved and are loved by other people, it’s almost certain that we’ve hurt someone and it’s only natural to have regrets about that.  But when it comes to yourself and the choices you’ve made, you should never see anything as a failure, but instead as a lesson.  Every experience is a part of your story, whether you see it as good or bad.  The outcome can teach you a lesson, lead you to adjust your approach, or help you redefine your destination.

“I don’t think I look back at anything I’d like to change or do differently, because ultimately anything that maybe didn’t go your way, you learn from it, you get better, and you move on.  So I wouldn’t change anything.”  – P.K. Subban

Game Plan:  Let go of those things from the past that you’ve been second guessing and ruminating on, and instead look to what you can do right now.  Any mistakes you may have made in your past have made you who you are today, so were they really failures?  Did you learn something from them?  When you fail at something or miss out on an opportunity, remember this: no regrets.  Good or bad, it is another step in your journey.


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