#152: Power Play – Enough

Heart and Ice Power Play - Enough

We are told to ‘never give up’ and to ‘keep going’, but what if you feel like you’ve had enough?  How do you know if you’re giving up or if it’s just time to try something new?  Nothing lasts forever, and it doesn’t make sense to hold onto something that’s no longer there or that you’ve grown out of.

Giving up is equated with quitting, laziness, and letting fear of failure stop you from trying.  But knowing when you have had enough is something different.  Sometimes strength comes from letting go of that thing that is holding you back.  It’s not throwing in the towel and declaring defeat, but having faith in the future and giving yourself the freedom to explore new things.

Don’t make life more difficult than it needs to be.  Know when enough is enough and be confident in your decision.

Game Plan:  Remember that you are the one living your life, and you can control how you spend your time.  Are you putting your energy into things that are important to you or make you happy?  Think about refocusing your energy if you’re spending too much time on things that drag you down.


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