#153: Power Play – Take control

Heart and Ice Power Play - Take control

Even if it means setting your alarm just 10 minutes earlier, try to give yourself some time in the morning that is just for you – no e-mails, messages, or news feeds.  You could start by doing some stretches in bed, listening to music, a few minutes of meditation, yoga, reading, journaling, or sitting outside and enjoying the fresh morning air.  Committing that time in the morning to yourself really does help to get your day off to a good start and set the tone for the rest of your day.  When you give yourself that space just for you, you’re sending the message that you are important, and that during that time, the world outside of you is not more important than what’s going on inside.

Game Plan:  Treat yourself to some silence.  The morning is a great time before everyone is awake and everything feels calm and peaceful.  Try to seek out this silence at least once a day.  You deserve it!


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