#171 Power Play – Multum in parvo

In life, the little moments are the big moments.  There was a study that found that the big life events that we think will make us happy (landing a great job, meeting the love of your life, getting married, having kids) do send us a surge of overwhelming happiness, but only for a short time.  After that period of time, we tend to return to our ‘baseline happiness rate’.  We chase after those big things, but the truth is that much of our happiness comes from the “little” things.  You can’t get married/have a new baby/go to a NHL game (my idea of a huge moment) every day, but you can wake up early to enjoy the quiet and watch the sunrise, make a meal for someone you love, or laugh as you walk down the sidewalk, enjoying the latest M vs. W podcast.    The way to increase your baseline happiness is to appreciate those little moments, because that’s where we find happiness.  What’s important is to see much in little.

Game Plan:  Pay attention to those little things today that can bring you happiness.  When you look back, the little things really are the big things.


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