#173: Power Play – Mental Toughness

Heart and Ice Power Play - Mental toughness

If something’s not working, find another way!  If it’s important to you, keep working to make it happen – don’t give up when you hit a bump in the road.  There is no one way to do something – to succeed you have to be resilient and innovative.  Everyone faces challenges when working towards a goal, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end – it just means that you have to find a new way.  Sidney Crosby and Patric Hornqvist were both drafted in 2005, but while Sidney Crosby went first overall, Patric was the last-overall pick.  There are players picked in the first round who never play a game in the NHL, but Patric Hornqvist plays on a line with Sid today (and so far in the 2014-15 season, they’ve been having a lot of chemistry).  Dreams don’t work unless you do.  Don’t let what other people think influence the belief you have in yourself.

Game Plan:  Big dreams and goals need to be broken down into smaller steps to make them more manageable.  What can you do within the next 24 hours that will be a step towards achieving your goal?  What about in the next 3 days?  Taking your goals one step at a time helps you see the progress you are making and makes them easier to achieve.


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