#176: Power Play – One more try

Heart and Ice Power Play - One More Try

As long as there’s breath in you – persist!  – Bernard Kelvin Clive

When you feel physically or mentally exhausted, it can be so hard to find the energy to carry on.  You may feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  Stress and depression can build up and start to eat away at any feeling of hope you have left.  But there is always hope, and that hope comes from possibility.  Grasp onto hope and don’t let it go.

Game Plan:  Reach out and talk to someone.  One of the ways we lose hope is by thinking that no one cares about us or because we can’t believe in ourselves, and talking with the people who love and care about you can help.  Find your hope in God, trusting that he will give you the strength and the patience to bring you through.


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