#178: Power Play – Don’t let it in

Heart and Ice Power Play - Don't let it in

It’s hard to stay positive when negativity surrounds you, but you have the power to block it out by adopting positive beliefs that help you keep perspective amidst that negative noise.  Don’t allow other people or negative thoughts to take up space in your mind.  Just as a ship is able to keep out the massive amount of water in the ocean, you can keep those negative thoughts from sinking your ship.  They will inevitably pop up, but you can watch them float by and choose to refocus your mind on what’s important.

I love the visual of this message, and it reminds me of another analogy given by Joel Osteen: Many people are like garbage trucks.  They go around all day, full of frustration, disappointment, or anger.  And as their garbage piles up, they need somewhere to dump it, and sometimes they’ll dump it on you.  Don’t take it personally, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.  Just smile, wave at them, and wish them well.  Successful people don’t allow garbage trucks to overtake their day.  And if someone dumps a load on you, don’t get upset, don’t get angry, don’t get offended.  If you make that mistake, you’ll wind up carrying their load around, and eventually dump it on someone else.  Keep your lid on it.  Sometimes these days we need to have a steel lid.  People are dumping out so much poison and criticism, and anger and bad news.  Keep that lid tight.  We can’t stop people from dumping out garbage, but if we keep our lid on, we can stop it from affecting us.

Game Plan:  We can’t always completely stay away from negative people in our lives, but you can take some steps to limit the negative impact they have on your day:

  1. Decide that you’re worth it. You’re worthy of achieving your goals and having people in your life that lift you up instead of bring you down.
  2. Identify the toxic people in your life. If possible, it may be time to lovingly let them go.  If it’s someone you can’t avoid, try to distance yourself from their negative talk and take it with a grain of salt – don’t let it affect your own thoughts.  Try praying – both for the negativity to be lifted from their life and for it not to affect you.  Praying about it helps us to gain perspective and compassion for where those thoughts may be stemming from.
  3. Bring in the positivity. Surround yourself with positive people, and have a positive attitude in the face of negativity.  You may not be able to change someone’s negative viewpoint, but there’s no harm in bringing more positivity to the world.


Quote source: Marc and Angel


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