#181: Power Play – What you become

Heart and Ice Power Play - The real gift

Reaching a goal is an accomplishment, but what we get along the way and who we become as a result is the true gift.  Achieving a goal gives us confidence, boldness and fearlessness.  It teaches us discipline, persistence, and self-respect.  It’s something that can’t be taken away.  It’s something that we use throughout life as motivation when we’re struggling.  Don’t forget the challenges you have gone through, the lessons you have learned, the goals you have achieved.  Every accomplishment, as well as the failures that you have learned from and obstacles you have overcome, have made you the person that you are today.

Game Plan:  Set an ambition for today by asking yourself: How do I want to feel?  Joyful?  Connected?  Empowered?  Relaxed?  Focus on tasks that will help you accomplish that feeling.


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