#185: Power Play – The Race

Heart and Ice Power Play - The Race

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the big goal.  Think about it: a hockey player may be striving for a 40-goal season (or in Wayne Gretzky’s case, a 100-goal season, though he “only” ever made it to 92), but you don’t score 40 goals in one game.  You score them one at a time, focusing on one game at a time, or even one shift at a time.  It is the little things that add up to the big things.  Each practice helps you prepare for the season.  Each game is a chance to gain points and move up the standings.  Each game in the playoffs is one step closer to the Conference Championship, and then, the Stanley Cup.  We accomplish the big things by edging towards them through the smaller accomplishments.  In order to reach the big goals, you first have to work on winning the little races each day.

Game Plan:  What can you do today that will help you get further along towards your goals?  It doesn’t have to be big!  Work on winning the short races every day.  They make a difference!  I like to make a list of things I want to accomplish every day, and some days when I’m not feeling very motivated, it may be just one thing.  When you accomplish what you want to each day (for me it might include getting some exercise, cleaning out my closet, writing a post for Heart & Ice, or preparing a few meals for the upcoming week), check the day off as a win.  We get there one win at a time.


Quote source: Walter Elliott


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