#186: Power Play – We are the clay

Heart and Ice Power Play - We are the clay

God doesn’t want us to wait to come to him until we are “good enough” in our own eyes.  We don’t need to wait to pray until we feel like we have the right words and are in a good place. He wants us to humble ourselves and give our lives to him as we are, broken, honest and truthful.  The change we want to make in our lives is accomplished through Jesus, not before we come to him.  If we give ourselves over to him to transform our lives, he will mold us into all that we were created to be.

Game Plan:  Pray from the heart – God doesn’t care if you use big, flowery words, or if you’re in a place of anger or despair.  He just wants a relationship with you, and it is through him that you can make change in your life.  God, I know that you accept me as I am right now, and that by putting my trust in you, I will get to where I need to go.  Help me to accept myself as I am right now.  Help me to remember that I am right where you want me, giving myself over to you each day so that I can become everything you made me to be.  Amen.



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