#194: Power Play – Stop.

Heart and Ice Power Play - Stop

There is a simple, homemade sign stapled to a hydro pole outside the hockey arena where my brother plays:  Stop.  Take a minute and look up at the sky.  Enjoy the beauty of life.  I love it because it makes me smile and slow down for a moment.  We live in a busy world where we always seem to be rushing (especially the hockey parents!), always keeping busy and sometimes getting overwhelmed with what’s on our plate.  This is a simple reminder to enjoy the little things.  The beauty and vastness of the sky painted with clouds, fluffy snowflakes coating the trees, the energetic sound of the city or the peacefulness of a quiet country road, your brother’s hockey game that you’re able to be there for…  There is so much beauty in the world, but sometimes we forget to slow down and take notice.

Game Plan:  When you attach mindfulness to something you do regularly, it’s easier to remember to slow down more often.  You can practice mindfulness while you eat, during your commute to work, your daily walk, while you’re showering, or even whenever you put on lip chap.  Mindfulness helps us slow down, but also reduces stress and anxiety, helps us gain perspective, and improves overall mental health.  Take the time right now to be mindful, taking some deep breaths and focusing on the present moment.


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