#198: Power Play – You can do it!


Everyone has doubts about themselves, but when you can overwhelm those doubts with positive action, confidence will come.  There will always be people who doubt you (look at some of the most successful people in their field and you will find “haters”), but it’s not about them.  When you believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks.  There will be challenges, but you can overcome them.  Let the positive voices be louder than the negative ones.  Don’t let them distract you.  Figure out for yourself what makes you happy, and go after it.

Game Plan:  When a negative thought pops up in your head, when you receive negative comments from someone else, or you encounter a setback, catch that negativity before it starts to take over you, recognizing that it is only bringing you down or keeping you from your goal.  Let it go, replace it with a positive thought, and move forward.


Quote source: Rick Rypien


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