#199: Power Play – Better Than Yesterday

Heart and Ice Power Play - Better than yesterday

When you work on being better than you were yesterday, you are improving on yourself rather than competing with someone else.  It’s hard to be successful when you’re always comparing yourself to someone else.  There is always someone who will be better than you at something, and even if you are considered the best, it doesn’t last long because someone is coming up behind you to break those records (Wayne Gretzky…Sidney Crosby…Connor McDavid).  But it’s not about being the best – it’s about being better than you were yesterday.  If you’re still breathing, you’re not done growing.  Each day is an opportunity.  Even if you don’t have a clear direction, there is always something you can do to grow.  Read a book, learn something new, work on a skill, exercise, help someone out.  Gradual improvement everyday is what leads to achievement, however you choose to define it.

Game Plan:  What is one thing you can do today to be a better friend/parent/daughter/hockey player/person than you were yesterday?


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