#200: Power Play – Dare Greatly

Even if you’re not a fan of the Canucks, you can’t deny the magic and art of “Sedinery.”  Henrik and Daniel do some pretty awe-inspiring things on the ice that make you wonder how they can pull it off and always know where the other is.  They make some amazing blind passes that find their way onto the other’s stick, and then in those highlight reel moments, into the net.  But I was listening to the Pass It To Bulis podcast, and they said something that I can’t stop thinking about: the Sedins make some pretty magical plays, but there are just as many times that they try some of those back-door, over an opponent’s stick, or through the legs passes, and it doesn’t work out.  The thing is, they’re both good at recovering when one of those great plays doesn’t go as planned.  Without taking the risks that they do, we wouldn’t see any of those beautiful moments of Sedinery.  If you are willing to take the risk of looking a little silly, making a mistake, or failing at the task, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to achieve greatly.

Game Plan:  They key is in taking calculated, safe risks where you know you’ll be okay if it doesn’t work out, but also daring to dream.  Put yourself out there, go after something that scares you, and don’t hold back.  Be confident in your ability to achieve, and also confident in your ability to pick yourself back up when you fall.



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