#202: Power Play – Worth It

Heart and Ice Power Play - Worth It

It’s those things that offer us a real challenge that also give us so much satisfaction when we get there.  The holy grail for a hockey player is to win the Stanley Cup, and it takes a lot of determination, sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance (both physical and mental) to get through four best-of-seven playoff rounds.  It sure isn’t easy, but I don’t think anyone would say that at the end, all of that work didn’t mean something.  As Jonathan Quick said after winning his second Stanley Cup in three seasons, “It’s probably the most exhausted I’ve ever been.  It’s been a long two months.  But it’s all worth it.”  It’s the same with anything you do in life – going through challenges and overcoming obstacles isn’t easy, but that’s why there is such a big payoff.  Not only in the satisfaction that we get from the end result, but in the experience that we gained and lessons that we learned along the way.

Game Plan:  Think of some things you have done in your life that were challenging, difficult, that required sacrifice… and think about how it felt when you achieved that goal.  If you’re working towards something now, think about that awesome feeling that you will get when you cross the finish line.  Keep that in mind as inspiration when you’re feeling stuck or hit an obstacle, and then when you continue from there and set a new goal!  You will make it, and it will be worth it!


Photo source: Roger Takahashi


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